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Supergoop! – Unseen Sunscreen

Their company moto “Every. Single. Face.” appealed to us, but once we tried their Unseen Sunscreen we were hooked!

Listen, as black folks we know that the original formulations of sunscreen were never made with our gorgeous brown complexions in mind. How many years have we suffered with powdery, ashy, and chalky looking skin after applying traditional white sunscreens that did not, would not, and could not blend into our lovely dark complexions? Too many.

Well, no more! The magic of Unseen Sunscreen is in its clear yet creamy consistency that gives you the transparent full coverage you need with the feel of a cream, not a gel. It also comes in a glide on stick (we brought ours pool-side) and tinted versions.

Remember, our beautiful brown skin needs protecting from the dangers of UVA and UVB rays, but also from the “blue light” being emitted by all of our screens (computer, tablet, smart phone) that many experts now believe are harmful to the skin. So, whether heading outdoors or sitting at your desk, don’t forget to apply your sunscreen daily.