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What do you get when you take three Hollywood stars who are super inquisitive about the world, unafraid to poke fun at their profession, and just as star-struck as the rest of us? Well, Smartless of course!

This podcast brings together Hollywood staples Jason Bateman of Ozark, Sean Hayes of Will and Grace, and Will Arnett of Arrested Development on a show where the trio interviews a diverse group of famous people who, one of them has invited in secret. The show begins with casual and often hilarious banter about everyday things that the three – obviously good friends – like to joke about, while the guest star patiently waits in the wings to be revealed by the co-host who issued the invitation.

The surprise by the remaining two co-hosts after the big reveal is genuine and the love and admiration for the guest comes through in the nature of the questions delivered with affectionate humour. While a steady stream of Hollywood heavy-weights have made appearances, from George Clooney to Jeff Daniels, Woody Harrelson, Halle Berry, and Octavia Spencer, the trio also shows their concern for sports, politics, and pressing social issues through interviews with LeBron James, Joy Reid, and John Stewart.

Whether you want a good belly-laugh or you’re looking to learn something new, Smartless rarely disappoints.