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Silk Almondmilk Yogurt Alternative

Pudding, custard, ice cream…if you are like us, you also love your creamy treats. They have what food scientists call an excellent “mouth-feel”. But while much of that mouth-feel appeal has come in the past from high fat dairy milk, we are happy to see that times are a-changin’. Why? Well, for many of us black folks, dairy has never been our friend. The reason is lactose of course. According to experts at Johns Hopkins University, lactose is a sugar found in dairy milk and its products and lactose intolerance results when the small intestine does not make enough of the digestive enzyme called lactase to breakdown or digest this sugar. Sadly, black people are amongst the populations that are most afflicted by this condition. Although some of us continue to indulge in dairy milk rich foods regardless, the price is sometimes too high. The side effects of lactose intolerance which include gas, diarrhea, bloating, belly pain, and nausea, will leave you feeling unwell and ensure that you will not receive a follow-up invitation for coffee and ice cream.

But thanks to Silk Almondmilk Yogurt, we do not have to give up the yummy, creamy snacks and desserts altogether. Sold in large 640g or small, single-serving 150g containers, this tasty treat now comes in several delicious flavours including vanilla, dark chocolate, peach, and strawberry. Now listen, if you are like us and first tried dairy-free, milk-based alternatives like soy and almond products several years ago, you were surely not impressed. But to say that these products have come a long way is an understatement. Many companies, Silk among them, have now perfected that essential “mouth-feel” and rolled out magnificent milks, yogurts, and even cheeses made from cashew, coconut, oat, soy, and almond milks. Since each single serving container of Silk Almondmilk Yogurt is 180 to 190 calories, has vitamin D, Calcium, Iron, and Potassium, and only 1g of fat, we think this creamy treat will allow you to indulge while keeping your halo in place.