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Slavery Past, Present and Future: Seventh Global Meeting

To be held in person in Accra, Ghana, in collaboration with Webster Ghana Campus-Webster University USA.

Meeting Format

In keeping with previous meetings, the format of the Slavery Past, Present and Future Conference this year will be plenary. We intend to hold the meetings in person and expect those who register to attend all the sessions in order to facilitate a genuine cross-fertilization of ideas across identities, disciplines and subject areas.

  • Please note: In case of COVID -19 restricting mobility and participation, we will pivot to online in the event that travel restrictions require it (in which case, the registration fee would be lowered and partially refunded).

Call for Papers

Submissions are sought from people from all walks of life and identities, including:

  • Academics: from all disciplines, such as art, film, anthropology, sociology, law, history, ethnic studies, politics, social work, economics and any field that touches the study of exploitation
  • Civil society members: human rights activists, leaders in non-governmental organizations and others in the NGO or social advocacy fields
  • Professionals: social workers, lawyers, corporate social responsibility and business ethics professionals, business leaders and health care professionals
  • Government actors: representatives, policymakers, lobbyists and analysts
  • Global citizens with personal connections to slavery or exploitation: former enslaved persons or indentured laborers, members of at-risk populations, migrant or guest workers, non-regularized immigrants and refugees

We particularly encourage submissions from the Global South.

Please note that we are open to receiving papers on a wide variety of topics related to slavery, including but not limited to those listed below. However, given that this year’s conference will be in Ghana, we are keen to receive papers that speak to slavery and enslavement in Africa, both in the past and in the modern day.